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Evolution of Homosexuality in the Human Males: Improved Mixed-Team Performance Hypothesis

A recent publication presents a new hypothesis on the continued presence of homosexual males in human society, despite their absent or lower number of offspring. Other hypotheses exist, but these may not explain the full presence of gay males. It has already been shown that the personality trait agreeableness on average is higher in homosexual males that in heterosexual males. The authors then establish the links and implications of this greater level of empathy to the creation of more cohesive, cooperative teams or groups. The way in which such greater cohesiveness of active teams could be shown is comparing their performance in competitive situations, such as in sports, but also in modern business. The teams that have at least one gay male, and other wise consist of various mixes of heterosexual males and/or females, would on average outperform teams without at least one homosexual male member. The hypothesis does not require there to be homosexual activity within the teams. The pre-print of the publication can be found at :

DOI: 10.31219/, posted on 18 December, 2021.

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